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General Perks (all roles)

General Requirements (all roles)


Below is a description of the various roles in SDMP. Students generally start as developers-in-training for a semester under the guidance of the technical leads and other developers.

All students are supervised by Oren Kanner (dev-mgt{at}yale{dot}edu).

Student Developers

The main responsibility of an SDMP dev is to write code! Our developers typically work on a single project after completing a semester of training.

Project Leads

Project leads handle the day-to-day tasks of running a software project by managing the development team and communicating with clients. They’re also responsible for ensuring project documentation is up-to-date and maintaining the project’s GitHub / GitLab repository.

Technical Leads

Technical leads are responsible for identifying the best practices in their particular technology and ensuring good code design. They give the final sign-off on pull requests, train new hires, and mentor developers. Technical leads are mentored by full-time ITS employees.

Student Manager

The person running the show. Works with the ITS Manager to coordinate all of SDMP, including running full-day training at the start of each semester, seeking out new projects, training both Technical and Project leads, and acts as the liaison between STC, the students in SDMP, and the full time ITS team.

Engagement Coordinator

The Engagement Coordinator manages the hackspace at 143 Elm, communicates with alumni, and runs events for SDMP throughout the semester.

Application process

Applications for Fall 2017 are now open!

Please fill out the STC Application to apply for SDMP. It will contain a link to our specific application form as well so make sure to fill out both parts. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail Good luck!