Student Roles

This page gives an overview of the different roles that exist. Also see: How to Apply.

The Student Developer Program operates in two main wings: software development, and teaching. Student positions are available in both departments. All student employees report to Jemin Lee at

Software Development

Development is split into teams, each comprised of developers, a technical lead, and a project manager (i.e., five per team). There are teams for Ruby on Rails, iOS, and Android app development.

Project Manager

The Project Manager in a team is primarily responsible for meeting with clients, determining and triaging clients’ needs and concerns, and coordinating testing of new releases. The Project Manager is also responsible for communicating clients’ needs to the rest of the team, and working with the Technical Lead to lead team meetings. The Project Manager should have a basic understanding of the team code in order to answer clients’ questions on usage and also work with the Technical Lead to provide realistic expectations for feature requests.

Technical Lead

The Technical Lead is responsible for determining the feasibility of implementing changes, and coordinating work within the team. The Technical Lead should serve as the first point of technical reference for team members when questions arise. The Technical Lead is also responsible for managing pull requests and keeping the code in a functional state, and (for Rails teams) will be trained how to deploy new instances of the application for new clients.


Developers work under the Technical Lead and Project Manager and are responsible for writing code. Coding should be primarily done in pairs or together as a group. Good team skills are essential.


Designers help the developer teams with the design of their software. UX and graphic design are very important parts of every successful application.

Relationship Coordinator

The Relationship Coordinator works with ITS, IdeaScale, HackYale, Y-Hack,, and other companies and universities to organize collaborations for use of technology, training, etc., anywhere between NYC and Boston. The Relationship Coordinator is also responsible for making sure there is appropriate support for training.

##Applying More details about each of these roles and the application process can be found on Apply to Work With Us.